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Welcome to the blog!

Hello and welcome to the blog!  My name is Chris and I am the Managing Director of Tools Tomorrow.  I've been working in the air tool industry since 2008 - but actually I have been around it all my life as my father founded Universal Air Tool Company over 40 years ago. Since 1974 the Universal Tool (UT) brand has gone from strength to strength and is well known throughout the UK, Ireland, France and Germany.  I ran Universal for 7 years until it's acquisition by Florida Pneumatic Manufacturing Corporation in 2014, at which time they also acquired the popular AIRCAT brand in the USA. Now there is an even larger range of high quality, competitively priced tools available and I started Tools Tomorrow to get them delivered to you next day! Having spent many years working with great people developing the air tool business in the UK it's a pleasure to continue to share and develop my interest and experience.  I'm really enjoying being one step closer to air tool users